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Who are we and why should you consider
a different approach to delivering
some of your pharmaceutical and healthcare tactics?

Another pharmaceutical advertising agency, right?
Not so!
SABoney & Associates was established in 1999.
After spending almost 20 years in the agency business
in New York and North Carolina,
we wanted to do something different—something more exclusive
than the traditional full-service, “all things to all people”
pharmaceutical agency approach.

We built this new approach with 4 full-time employees and
a CORE set of collaborators whom we use on an as-needed basis—
medical writers, medical editors, art directors, videographers and
production teams, project managers, and meeting planning professionals
who are all experts in their respective fields.
So none of our clients get the “junior team”—
everyone gets the “best of the best” and you don’t ever pay
for services or capabilities that you don’t need.





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